23 December 2015

Singapore: American Spying on the Strait of Malacca


The US continues to overtly and covertly build its Asian forces. If this has made the news, then it means there are already many things happening that are outside of official press releases and not open to comment.

My thankfully brief stint in the military exposed me to numerous such instances where there was a little more to the story than what was revealed in the media and many other things being kept quiet.

Three-quarters of Singapore's population is of Chinese descent. This is also of significance. Singapore has already been pegged as a locale of intrigue and espionage. If you look at the new Asian chessboard that is rapidly taking form and you understand Singapore's placement, demographics, economy and history, you can see why.

There are many Christians in Singapore. I would like to know their thoughts on further US involvement in their nation, Singapore's ongoing relationship with Israel's IDF, as well as attitudes with regard to conscription.

I'm sure many Singaporeans are apprehensive about China and the perception of a growing threat, but I would also be curious to know if they have a more nuanced take on the whole nature of Asian geopolitics. The region is stumbling if not careening toward instability and warfare. Are they buying into the new anti-China alliance? As so many are Chinese, do they perhaps have a bit of a different narrative with regard to Beijing.
Of course they must realize the notion that Beijing wishes to halt or restrict trade is patently absurd. China may have other motivations, but that particular narrative so often echoed in the American press rings hollow to be sure.
I'm not for a moment suggesting Beijing is somehow moral, honest or worthy of respect, but I'm wondering if knowing the history of the region and the new nations involved in the anti-China alliance, as well as the United States and what it represents, if they are not pausing and carefully considering the issue? The Churches in Singapore are not political and rightly so, but the truth must be told. It doesn't have to be proclaimed in the context of the political arena but the Church can certainly speak out on these issues and individual Christians must proclaim truth even if most around them don't want to hear it.

Empires are evil. All of them. And when they sway and persuade people into wicked deeds, it's time to speak. Thankfully for the Christians in China I doubt very much they are persuaded that Beijing pursues the godly course. I wish the same could be said for the vast majority of professing Christians in the empire that is America.

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