24 March 2016

False Moderation as a Tool


Media favourite and Establishment mouthpiece Michael Hayden is critical of Cruz's rhetoric regarding the patrolling of Muslim neighbourhoods.

The Totalitarian Hayden tries to paint himself as a voice of reason and moderation. In truth he's a fascistic murderer, power-mad and deeply invested in the US Security Apparatus.

He serves the machine faithfully and this little episode is instructive. The debate is framed under false pretense and all parties (except maybe Cruz) know it. Hayden speaks of radical individuals and not communities. And yet how would Hayden locate, surveil and arrest these individuals?

Mass surveillance. So what's the difference?

Brennan is the focus of the article but Hayden concurs.

The truth is that US authorities have already been targeting Muslim neighbourhoods since 9/11. They have patrolled their streets, put them under surveillance and have infiltrated their mosques. Cruz's faux pas is that he openly called for it. You're not supposed to do that.

Anyone paying attention for the past several years already knows about the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies in places like Dearborn Michigan and Los Angeles have already been doing these things. But the revelations came from whistleblowers not official press releases.

These discussions are like a game. Someone like Cruz posits the 'extreme' position and then Hayden can appear as the voice of moderation. And yet in the end, what was once out of bounds now becomes the mainstream. We don't need to antagonise the Muslim populations by being openly confrontational. Rather we should just work covertly, collect data and use surveillance techniques. That's reasonable right? What was earth shattering a few years ago now seems reasonable.

They know that a small portion of the population will be upset by the Snowden revelations but they're largely 'spinning' it to their advantage. Sadly I must admit that in all likelihood a majority of the population supports the eradication of the Bill of Rights.

Looking to France and Belgium everything the Right wing is calling for has already been done. These terrorists were already on the radar. Their success is either the result of deliberate negligence (if you want to accept conspiracy) or bureaucratic hesitation to the point of negligence. Either way they had all the information, they just didn't act on it.

But now programmes that already existed in secret, known only because of whistleblowers can now be promoted openly. There's no need to whisper and the traumatised public is happy to go along with it. What that also tells us is that there are already secret programmes as of yet unveiled and more in the works.

While Hayden portrays himself as the calm voice of contemplative restraint he's actually advancing the agenda. It's fools like Cruz that play right into their hands.

Of course the Right will spin this, make Hayden look weak because he doesn't want to declare war on the whole Muslim community. This is a little hard for Trump supporters to understand but the numbers and social fabric make this issue slightly more complicated than some kind of mass crackdown. Trump's plans would generate more strife and actually weaken US power. That's why they resist him. It's not because they're 'wimps'. It's more a matter of he's that stupid and clueless about how things work.

Europe is caught in a race and one more pressing than the United States. They've either got to integrate the Muslim population or they will soon face massive social unrest. We've already had hints of it. They are trying to keep their societies safe. Antagonising the millions of Muslims that are part of their economic structure is counter-productive on multiple fronts. The Right refuses to understand this and it doesn't help when you have lame pseudo-intellectuals in the Christian community who think the problem is that Secular Europeans can't properly understand evil. American Conservatism shines through but there's little in the way of historical reflection, wisdom or the application of Scripture.

Apparently it's okay to cry 'Peace, Peace' if we would all just submit to Right-wing militarism. Surveillance, Nuclear Weapons and occasional bombings will bring 'us' peace they argue. We can have it as long as we destroy everyone else. I grow weary of warmonger Christians twisting Jeremiah to mock those who seek any solution but large-scale violence. No one is suggesting that non-militarist solutions are going to bring peace to this world. Mohler and other frauds like him would portray anyone who questions the militarist line as some kind of Yoko Ono wannabe. We're not trying to 'give peace a chance', we're trying to avoid even greater bloodshed and find another way to calm the situation down.

War itself is evil and if the streets of Europe explode into violence and the EU collapses there will be waves of it, each worse than the last.

Hayden once again sounds moderate, condemning Cruz and Trump. The Establishment isn't moderate but they're not insane either. The political extremes whether Nativist, Pseudo-Socialist or Christian Sacralist all serve their purpose. They make the Establishment sound moderate and provide a dynamism that allows the agenda to keep progressing.