07 March 2016

The Strategy of Tension, Economic Espionage in Post-Cold War France and Why Stories Like This Matter


While revisiting some of the economic changes afoot during the 1990s I was reminded of this episode with France. This took place while I was still stationed in Italy. There were many subsequent episodes after 9/11 and the 2003 Iraq Invasion.

The 1990s was a strange 'in-between' time. After 2001 the world of espionage entered a new 'Golden Age' akin to the 1950s, an age in which the restraints have been removed and its organisations and members have been allowed to drink deeply from the well of shadowy endeavours, dark deeds and murderous plots.

This seemingly minor incident, all but forgotten provides a small window into a larger world of CIA activities. We learn that the CIA is involved in economics, both getting intelligence for American corporations, working in concert with him and we might also mention the CIA itself is involved in a fair amount of business. Many businesses are layered, 'legitimate' at the surface but also serving a larger agenda. There are many agents at work in the corporate world and Wall Street. They are also vehicles for foreign penetration, moving finances and hiding deeds.

We also learn that the US does not trust its allies nor does it respect them. The 'allies' are tools in the imperial arsenal, tools to be used and manipulated. The CIA knows that information is power, power to act and power to harm. There's no doubt the CIA and the host of similar organisations also collects information in order to spread disinformation and all too frequently to blackmail.

The US has a very mixed attitude toward the European Union. In the 1990s it was viewed as an ascendant rival. Today it's viewed as a necessary bulwark against Russia and a sometime proxy and aid in US Middle Eastern policy. On the one hand it represents an economic threat which necessarily implies it is viewed as a rival power. But on the other hand the EU has been used and manipulated (often with NATO) to help the US consolidate power. NATO itself can also serve as a means of manipulation and threat. Its very presence increases tensions that lead to one of the most useful tools in the imperial arsenal... fear.

France is not innocent either and has its own aspirations. But I can't blame them for acting as they do and while they claim the mantle of democracy they don't claim the moral narrative that's promoted by USA, one they find hypocritical and repugnant. Woolsey's comments and the article try to present France as the originator of the cycle, as the ones who were really disloyal. The CIA is presented as benign, just a little foolish. This ignores decades of history and scheming by the United States to manipulate Europe and in particular the French. Once again the New York Times is exposed not as a leftist newspaper but for the most part as an Establishment one. Even when it's upsetting the order by running a controversial story one wonders if its role is to challenge or to run interference.

Why write about this? The more American Christians learn about the true nature of their country, its system and its deeds they will be able to question the narratives they have been taught. And what I also hope is that when they listen to their teachers and the Right-wing pundits who haunt Talk and Christian radio they will have some discernment and begin to understand that they're being fed a lot of lies and half-truths. They'll begin to see a lot of these Christians for what they are, not only fear mongers but propagandists and manipulators trying to sell them a false product. They're after your money, your vote, your voice and hopefully your children. They want soldiers both in the corporate and military world. They're fighting a war but it's a dirty one.

The nations of the world are not innocent but they don't claim to be Christian nations engaged in and implementing righteous and moral policies. The former CIA agent Robert Baer admits that in the end all agents are thieves and liars. That's what the CIA does. That's what it is. They go into other countries to steal information, manipulate, recruit and blackmail citizens into working for them and operate under a cloud of deceit.

We can expect pagans to operate this way and justify this sort of thing in the violent world of dog-eat-dog. Christians in order to justify this turn to Consequentialism and hide behind the doctrine of Vocation under which individuals are allowed to behave in completely anti-Christian ways, but the behaviour is justified because it's being done in the capacity of office or sphere.

How many Christians have I met that admire the CIA and would be proud to be a part of it and who look up to those in it? They are thieves, liars and murderers. Look at what Sacralism does. Look at how it distorts one's viewpoint and moral perspective.

The US is a wicked empire. There have been plenty of those in history but when you add the pseudo-Christian element there's something particularly nefarious about it. There is a real level of spiritual evil at work. Like the previous Western incarnations of Empire (Rome and Britain) it seems less despotic and more humane than the cruel Oriental variety. But I would remind readers that as far as Daniel's visions go it was the final beast that symbolised Rome. And it was that Beast which was the most terrifying and evil. The lesson is spiritual, it's not a question of body counts or the degree by which a nation is ruled by law.

In terms of worldly terror and military destruction Rome was terrible, Britain and America no less. But compared to Babylon, Persia or even the Greeks the Roman Empire seemed more principled. We could say the same when comparing Britain and American vis-à-vis some of the other modern empires, for example the Ottomans, the Soviets or Chinese.

Yet, spiritually speaking there's another element to what the Western empires do in terms of their holistic cultural vision and its means to seduce and conquer the hearts of men that make them particularly sinister... again from the spiritual perspective. The Soviets and Chinese were particularly terrible and indeed many citizens were brainwashed and yet these systems were never able to spiritually harm the Christian church in those lands. Christians were not taken in by any of it. The same cannot be said for Rome, Britain and certainly not the United States. The American system poisons the very soul.