29 June 2016

Legalising Corruption


Yes, this is what is needed, laxity with regard to political corruption. The court that ratified Citizens United (which is actually related to this issue) now conspires to lower the bar for corrupt politicians. These are the people that should be held to a higher standard and should face much harsher penalties. Instead, all too often they are given a free pass.

Integrity doesn't matter. It's who you know, your connections and the ability to cash in on political debts that are owed to you. Only the most ostentatious figures like Rod Blagojevich are beyond a judicial spin-job. In his case he made too many enemies.

Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver, two corrupt New York state politicians who have gone down and are currently awaiting prison are suddenly filled with hope and the possibility of appeal. The Supreme Court has lowered the bar and now despite their crimes, their legal teams and their political connections will be given a new impetus to see them released.

Will they or the former Virginia governor McDonnell return to politics? Probably not, but there are always university lectures, corporate boards and think-tanks for the party faithful.

Also, if they're keeping secrets, their allies don't want them to rot in a jail cell. They may grow weary and start to talk.

Everyone acknowledges the US system is corrupt but I am convinced that very few even begin to understand how deep and pervasive it is.

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