23 June 2016

Conspiracies in the Hyper-Partisan Context


This article is correct in the way in which it navigates this question. Even if the US has at some point supported ISIS directly or indirectly via means of proxies it does not follow that Obama supports and/or facilitated what happened in Orlando. It's interesting because the conspiratorial element is not wholly disavowed but tweaked. I appreciate the nuance.

Some might argue the administration has created the conditions leading to 'lone wolf' terrorism on US soil.

I might be somewhat amenable to that argument but at that point if Obama is at fault, then what about George Bush? He's the one that got this ball rolling.

Obama and his administration are worthy of great criticism but Republican partisans have a problem. Bush is just as guilty.

 Trump is breaking the rules in that he's speaking openly and somewhat recklessly about these events. He's giving elements of the conspiracy/alternative media a voice. Although it must be said the alternative media he's citing is in many cases on the political fringe and not really alternative but hyper-partisan.

The Leftist fringe (like ThinkProgress) are often just as guilty in obscuring the truth regarding the candidates and movements they support.

Once again as Christians we should be non-aligned and outside the political spectrum. It is only from that vantage point can we hope to develop a more full-orbed understanding of what is happening.  

Then we can speak prophetically, warn and exhort and hopefully help others to see the truth and how we ought to live in light of it.

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