22 June 2016

Manchurian Candidates, Keystone Cops or Something Else?

G4S is one of many companies that is heavily linked with the US-intelligence apparatus and the Corporatocracy. Conspiracists will wonder if Orlando shooter Mateen isn't some kind of Manchurian Candidate. Of course it is rather suspicious when one considers his background and the fact that he was well known to authorities. This pattern is repeating as we have seen more or less the same thing with regard to the recent terror attacks in Europe.

Are these terrorists secretly created by intelligence agencies and acting on their behalf in order to implement new legislation, assume powers and start wars?

Are these episodes demonstrative of government incompetence or perhaps indicative of the need for budget increases, new hires and more sweeping powers?

The circumstantial evidence is at times pretty overwhelming. The official narratives fed to the public by the media need to be questioned. However we must be very careful in how we shape the information and avoid creating self-driving narratives that in the end are so reductionist in nature as to obscure or eliminate the truth.

The US and European Corporate-Intelligence Establishments are corrupt, reckless and in the midst of a power-grab.

The conditions that have led to the creation of these terrorists have been generated by these governments.

They have demonstrated a great desire to increase powers and build a case for social reforms, police state measures and militaristic expansion.

These attacks are only helping their arguments and shaping public opinion in favour of their agenda.

For many years I have believed though I can by no means prove, that in many cases it's not so much a matter of commission... I don't believe these killers are being sent out under orders... but omission and manipulation.

I think they're not being stopped and in some cases they are being facilitated. That in no way alleviates guilt on the part of the authorities but it adds a layer of complexity and nuance. There are elements in the intelligence services and among the Praetorians that want to see these attacks happen and capitalise on them. The killers are given something of a leash (if not a lease) in which to operate. In almost every case I seriously doubt they (the shooters) are aware of what is happening nor are they taking direct or explicit orders. They are true believers and yet in the end they are serving an agenda and are being manipulated by a complex apparatus that is beyond their ken.

The two prevailing narratives are (to me) insufficient to explain this era of terrorism. The position to which I subscribe is no less insidious but I would argue a more credible way of looking at these questions. The news media believes the official story and being faithful to the state, report it as such. There are real elements within law enforcement and the judiciary that are genuinely going after these people. The prosecutions are not fake and I wouldn't accuse them of total incompetency. However, they are in the end self-serving and in many cases their own presuppositions block them from seeing the larger picture.

The bureaucracy that dominates Western government can also prove an effective tool in compartmentalisation, obstruction and cover-up.

Is there a conspiracy? Yes, there always have been and often their open and readily visible to the public. What about the details? They are complex and often something different than what is normally perceived by the alternative media/conspiracy complex... which I have no doubt is infiltrated as well.

Narratives tend to drive our interpretation and that's true of all sides of this and other questions. The simplest explanation is often the best in terms of proof and logical justification but that's not always reflecting what is actually true. The truth in many cases involves motives and elements beyond verification. Facts have to be interpreted. In some sense it is impossible to fully grasp what it is happening. Many highly involved actors don't fully know.

And yet at the same time the very nature of knowledge (I would argue) rests in inference and thus always contains a degree of subjectivity and the bias of interpretation.

Proof is a tricky thing and when we probe those paths we can be thankful that our faith rests in the revelation of Jesus Christ who is the Truth. Only in Christ can we hope to find a solid rock on which to stand. In Christ and through the Spirit we can begin to grasp the corruption and wickedness of the human heart and the lengths and depths of man's fallenness. We can also rejoice that someday the books will be opened (as it were) and we will know the truth of what has transpired in This Age though indeed it will pale in the glory of what lies before us in The Age to Come.

My point is this... doubt anyone mainstream or otherwise that purports to know all the facts and speaks with authority regarding these shadowy events. History has demonstrated the official narratives are usually lacking. The world and history are full of examples of conspiracy. They exist in layers, some quite open, but are usually more complex than the average narrative provided by a theorist.

So was Mateen an intelligence agent since he worked for G4S a company that obviously has many connections to the CIA?

I don't think so. Of course 'agent' must be defined. We might think of him as an asset, someone groomed or even a patsy. I'm open to that suggestion though in this case the truth might be far more simple and his G4S connections are coincidental in terms of motive. If that's the case the issue here is his access to guns.

I'm still waiting. This story isn't over. Right now the media is obsessing about 'feelings' and recovery as well as the politics and issues surrounding homosexuality and guns.

When the dust settles other stories will likely emerge.

Here's a link to piece on G4S:


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