15 May 2017

The EU's Sham Concerns for Religious Freedom

These sorts of initiatives cannot but make one groan. It is but another case of blind bureaucrats addressing issues far beyond their ken. The EU is actually quite hostile to religious minorities nor do its leaders grasp what religious life is. The growing hostility to homeschooling in Germany and Scandinavia are prime examples of this. You can attend worship services, though increasingly what you say in them is under scrutiny but the idea that you would live out your faith is... increasingly verboten.

I'm not speaking as a Dominion minded Evangelical who believes living out your faith is to exercise political authority. I'm speaking as a Separatist who is not interested in voting and trying to affect political structures.
Using the oft-evoked appeal to the rights and needs of children, Christians are subject to restrictions when it comes to living out their lives in the realm of the family. Christian politicists are right, the family as an institution is under assault. That said I do not agree with their agenda for its remedy.
It will also be interesting to observe the outworkings and fallout from the growing call to reintroduce military conscription. It's returning to Sweden and it would seem it stands a good chance of returning to France. These are but additional burdens placed upon Christians who (if they wish to follow Scripture) will necessarily reject the claims of the state and refuse participation as conscientious objectors. Historically European Evangelicals have been something far less than militant nationalists but the times are changing and American Dominionism is continuing to reap the rotten harvest of politicised theology.

What a strange and burdensome time in which we live. Like Zechariah's opening vision the nations are at peace (relatively speaking), marching along, even flourishing in their visions of grandeur, and yet Zion languishes. Even so come Lord Jesus.

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