23 May 2017

The Unrepentant Adulteress cum Vatican Ambassador

One has to chuckle at the Trump administration. Are they trying to insult the Vatican?

Sometimes diplomatic choices are meant to be offensive as in the case of sodomite Walter Brewster being sent as ambassador to the Dominican Republic. That was Obama's way of being disdainful to religious conservatives and traditionalist Catholics. The fact that the unrepentant and hell-bound Brewster presents himself as a 'Gay Christian' only made it worse.
Newt Gingrich a convert to Catholicism played the all-too-common game and got his 19 year second marriage annulled on the basis that his 'wife' had been previously married. Of course so had he. A moral degenerate and largely un-repentant Gingrich had cheated on his first wife, with #2, and then ditched #2 to marry his mistress, the current wife (#3), the adulteress Callista. Money fixed their problems with Rome and now their adulterous non-marriage is viewed as legitimate.
Callista and her husband are a disgrace to so-called 'Conservative' values and they with the help or corrupt prelates make mockery of Catholicism's doctrine with regard to marriage and divorce.

I cannot imagine that many Conservatives within the Vatican will be happy to see her there. Will she be sent in ignorance, another thoughtless move by an administration that excels at bumbling and buffoonery? Or is she being sent on purpose to spite a pope that many American conservatives (Trump included) seem to despise?

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  1. A lot of Trump's decisions looked like calculated insults. It's almost comical how he selected some of his cabinet picks (e.g. Ben Carson as head of HUD). And of course, there's the recent trip to the House of Saud with his uncovered wife, the open admission of pleasing the Pentagon with an open arms sale. Then there's the fact he went to the Wailing Wall. It's like he's channeling the tough-guy Cowboy that GW Bush tried to use, but unlike Bush, he knows it's a mask, and is milking it. Trump is squandering the stockpile of geo-political capital the US has, by openly bullying, swinging the obscene power the US has openly. Other administrations attempt subtly to play a calculated game, Trump doesn't seem to care (hence the use of the MOAB).

    I hope that this might be the critical mistake that begins dismantling the American empire, but I hope it goes as bloodlessly as possible. I'm probably being too optimistic


    PS. Do you remember when Ron Paul humiliated Gingrich in the Republic debates in 2012 by calling him a chicken-hawk? It was great. He was publicly exposed as a fraud, but of course, the American people by and large don't care.