11 May 2017

The United Methodist Church is Apostate

I continue to encounter United Methodists who pretend their domination is still somehow 'conservative' or has the possibility of being steered back in that direction. Just because the denomination hasn't officially endorsed homosexuality (even though it really has) doesn't mean that they don't accept it. The same is true for most Evangelicals. Even though they continue to largely reject homosexual conduct in accepting homosexuality as a valid 'orientation' they have already lost the argument.

The UMC departed from the Scriptures more than a generation ago and while local congregations may not appreciate ordained lesbians they are nevertheless part of the denominational infrastructure. They necessarily submit to ecclesiastical leadership and their finances are subject to the larger hierarchy.
There's really no excuse for any congregation or individuals remaining in some kind of relationship or 'fellowship' with this apostasy.
They are in sin and need to repent and demonstrate the repentance by breaking the pernicious ties which hold them.
But perhaps what is even more disturbing is that in recent years I have noted an increasing number of Evangelical 'pastors' who feel the need out of some misguided notion of ecumenical or community responsibility to collaborate with other local congregations in worship and community projects.
This has become particularly prominent during the so-called season of Lent and in addition to the various 'luncheons' there are joint worship services. Amazingly I have encountered not a few Evangelical (and even some Reformed) leaders who believe that respect for ecclesiastical institutions is so paramount that they will endure women preaching and yet remain hostile to any unaffiliated (and thus illegitimate) congregation.
For some reason these many blind guides assume (like the lost public) that a building with a sign and any old buffoon in a robe makes a legitimate church.
As the culture wars heat up all discernment seems to be going out the window.

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