01 July 2017

Amanpour Challenged

Establishment shill Christiane Amanpour has been challenged by the Russian government to interview the family of the famous Aleppo boy. As many readers will undoubtedly know the father and son have resurfaced and have challenged the Western narrative.

Amanpour, looking to generate a moment of drama used the photo to confront Russian foreign minister Lavrov and charged his government with war crimes.
This is from a reporter who apart from being descended from figures connected the overthrown Shah's apparatus, has also played cheerleader for all US military actions over the past quarter century. Her reporting deserves challenging on almost every front.
Why will Amanpour, CNN and the other Establishment media outlets refuse to take up this story? Why is the challenge receiving no coverage?
Because not only would the father's statements make Amanpour and Western media look bad, his narrative challenges the myth of the White Helmets. In addition Western media outlets have done all they can to discredit RT. Acknowledging the story is to (from the Western perspective) pander to the Russian machine and the conspiracy cooks.
RT is not above criticism and yet their journalistic crimes (so to speak) pale in comparison when juxtaposed with those of Amanpour, CNN and the many Western outlets that are little more than mouthpieces for the Empire.
The Syrian story is a web of lies, fog and deception. It is overwhelming to say the least. It is complex and increasingly difficult to untangle. It is a living tragedy, a churning cauldron that to me is at the heart of America's phoney War on Terror part II. The Middle East has always been volatile especially since the Ottoman collapse in the wake of WWI, but for the past twenty-seven years it is the US and its post-Cold War policy that have set the region on fire.

There are many war criminals on both sides but undoubtedly the Western Media, led by figures like Amanpour stand guilty.


  1. I wondered if you ever came across a book by Mahmood Mamdani entitled "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror"? I happened upon it a few years ago at a Good Will thrift shop and bought it for $1.00. Never got into it until after the election where "Radical Islamist Terrorists" became the non-PC language of America. He grew up in Uganda and knows a lot about the proxy wars fought against the Communists by the United States in Africa. He distinguishes between religious, cultural and political Islam, the latter being created in response to how the United States used countries where nationalism could be enlisted against the fight against the Soviet Union. This issue for me has been how to separate in the American Evangelical's perception the political Islam that has come home to roost in a "reap what we sow" situation, from the other categories Mamdani writes about. To me this has been an important distinction for any viable witness towards American Muslims, the majority by far caught between the extremes of ISIS and conservative Evangelicalism. It would appear he would see things much as you do with the current entanglement in the Middle East. I am in the process of writing of my wife's and my experience within the Muslim community surrounding where we live, and so see the pertinence of much of what you are writing about as necessary to have an intelligent conversation with them. Of course we don't bring any of our Evangelical brethren with us, as one friend related an instance where he did and the person destroyed what my friend spent six months cultivating in fifteen minutes by bringing in Republican politics. There is so much talk about "vetting" refugees for security's sake. I told my friend that we need to "vet" Evangelicals for the gospel's sake! Anyway, if you haven't heard of Mamdani, check out the book on Amazon. The one starred reviews are typically ideological: can't trust a Muslim with this history. The real problem is trusting an Evangelical with this history!

    1. I have not but it sounds interesting. I've put it on the list.

      99% of the time we stop at Goodwill I don't find anything in the books... but once a blue moon you find an absolute gem. And for that reason, I can't help it. I always have to look.

      I would also be interested in reading what you've described with regard to your wife and the Muslim community. Let me know if you post it online.

      I'm afraid your comments with regard to Evangelicals are sad but all too true.