05 July 2017

Greenwald and the Mainstream Media's Anti-Russia Campaign

I appreciate Greenwald on this issue. He's catching a lot of flak from the Left-leaning sectors of the Alternative Media as he continues to refuse to buy into the DNC's Anti-Russia campaign.

Once again those who have been following this story for a long time are reminded of the WMD scare in 2002 that led to the Iraq War. The hysteria didn't match up with years of reporting or the history. It rang false and many of us never believed the claims even though at times it was almost overwhelming.... even to the point where you started to doubt yourself because it seemed like everyone was saying it was so.
But we were right.
That doesn't mean we're right with regard to the DNC's claims about Russian meddling and a Putin-Trump conspiracy. Yet, it smells funny, even rancid, and I continue to question it. Greenwald, a figure often associated with the Left has been subjected to withering criticism.
The Mainstream Media has always been suspicious of Greenwald and The Intercept project and yet the Snowden reporting drew them in for a time and whether they liked Greenwald or not, they were eager to interview him. Now it would seem they've written him off.
I was glad to see this article but I must say I am both confused and concerned about the trajectory of The Intercept. I'm wondering if it has 'gotten away' from Greenwald, if it's beginning to slip through his fingers. I have no idea but the nature of the reporting seems to be changing and they've got quite a few writers on board that I don't think too much of.
Regardless of whether or not Greenwald sticks with it, I will continue to follow his work.
Once again I heartily recommend his book No Place to Hide.
He's not a Christian or even close to being one if you'll pardon such an expression but he's interesting and has a grasp of the issues.
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