06 July 2017

French Militarism in Africa

France under the new Macron administration is obviously looking to expand its military influence. Macron has proposed to reinstate conscription and now a second trip to Mali as well as this new agreement indicates Old French West Africa is far from dead.

The French relationship with Washington has been strong since the Sarkozy administration. While many in Washington were not overly enthused about Hollande, the rash of terrorist attacks and his embrace of militarism warmed many a heart in the Pentagon and the State Department. While there are some in Washington who would have appreciated a LePen administration, most viewed a FN victory as a threat to Atlanticism... something not desired at present.
I would expect the French and American troops in Africa to find common cause and yet if history provides any precedent there are likely to be some tensions and competing interests.
While Africa has certainly suffered from the ravages of militant groups, many nominally affiliated with political Islam, Western intervention is not likely to calm the situation. In fact it very well could enflame it. That may indeed be the point. French troops on the ground collaborating with 'liberalising' and 'apostate' governments is provocation and fodder for Islamist consumption.

While kings and princes plan wars, the common people, some of them our brethren in Christ will continue to suffer. The tragedy that is modern Africa marches on. They cannot escape the endless cycles of the wheel of pain.

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