11 October 2014

Sandy Hook a False Flag?

DELUSION (dəˈlo͞oZHən/) noun
noun: delusion; plural noun: delusions
  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.
There are some Christians so blinded by Americanism and their lust for political power that they have fooled themselves into believing that gun ownership and the glorification of gun culture is somehow a Christian virtue.
Engaging in the most unbelievable hermeneutical gymnastics they have convinced themselves the Bible somehow teaches that we're to walk around carrying firearms and that our response to personal threats is to use violence. In addition contrary to everything the New Testament teaches and without a single scrap of Scriptural evidence they have also convinced themselves that sometimes as Christians we are called to take up arms and kill other men in order to gain or maintain political power.
This is a fruit of Constantinianism and the Sacralist Worldview.
Truly these people cannot see the Kingdom of God and wouldn't know it if it were in their midst.
Slavishly worshipping America, they have embraced a narrative that somehow the uprising known as the American Revolution was a Christian event and inspired by Christian concerns. A familiarity with the history surrounding these events and the characters involved proves otherwise, let alone a simple reading of the pertinent documents such as the Declaration of Independence. While no doubt there were not a few involved who professed the Christian faith their reasons for taking up arms fall outside of specific Christian concerns and it must be asked, even though many forbid the asking of it... was it right? Were these men in sin? I think a careful examination of the facts as well as an investigation of Scripture will prove this indeed is the case.
Regardless my point here is to simply point out the adherence to this overall narrative is in fact a religion in and of itself. Americanism is its own religion and most Christians in the United States have combined it with Christianity and created a hybrid religion that looks a bit like Christianity but is in fact a dangerous counterfeit.
One aspect of this is to treat the country's foundational documents as deutero-canonical, as inspired or nearly inspired works. Their principles and doctrines are synthesized with Christian theology, equated with it and more often than not, trump it and supersede it.
They have convinced themselves that God has blessed and even mandated the use of guns, and sanctions the right for Christians to use violence in order to maintain this 'right'.
Idolatry brings about Divine Judgment and one aspect of this punishment is delusion.
Many Christo-Americans have angered God in worshipping the false American Christ of their dreams and claiming that God has commanded and sanctioned things that never entered into His mind.
They are already judged but I still find it striking when I observe the extent of the delusion.
Their hatred of Obama and their misinterpretation of his presidency, their panic and hysteria over their perceived loss of power and their angst over the state of this wicked society have blinded them not only with regard to the sins of their fathers and the true nature of the American project, but it is has also made them unable to interact with reality.
Some of them and their numbers are growing, have literally lost their minds. This can only be called judgment.
More and more people are embracing what must be called non-reality and frankly these are the people that are a little scary to me in terms of society at large, but especially when found within the Church.
I keep reading about people who literally believe the whole Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag operation. No children died. It was all a big show, a drama for the public in order to take our guns.
Now, I believe most conspiracies are in the open if you just take the time to look. When we're talking about the Maine, the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin, WMD, the JFK assassination, the CIA and drugs, MKULTRA, Operation Gladio or Iran-Contra we're talking about events that at least have some kind of evidence. Maybe it's being interpreted wrongly, but there's a lot there in terms of paper trails, witness testimony etc...
Whether these conspiracies are real or not they have a degree of plausibility. The circumstantial evidence is often overwhelming even if it's impossible to prove the conspiracy on a level that would pass in a court of law. The idea that men will lie and kill to start wars and maintain power is nothing new.
But then there are the host of conspiracies out there that are simply groundless and fodder for the uninformed and those that have let their emotions take over. These are delusions driven by ideological narrative or a dominant fear that have put their adherents in a very bad place and a very vulnerable one. If the Church is to this point, then it's in trouble. There's no telling where it will go.
Every time I hear there's been a shooting, I wince, fully expecting it to be a 'Christian' that has gone haywire and believes they are serving God by gunning people down.
I could even respect the idea that someone might argue that Adam Lanza was an MKULTRA/Manchurian Candidate type drone-assassin. I don't believe it for a moment when it comes to Sandy Hook. But at least that might have a degree of plausibility. There's at least some historical evidence of mind-control projects and attempts by the government to engage in this type of activity.
But to suggest the whole thing was faked and that no children died?
This is indeed delusional. This is grasping at straws and trying to create a reality that just doesn't exist.
Even those who point to WTC 7 and the nature of the Twin Tower collapse still believe that thousands of people were killed.
This just beggars all belief.
I also wrote about this in April but it keeps coming up, so I decided to write again. Here's the link to the older article: