10 October 2014

Righteous Government

I keep seeing Proverbs 29.2 banners being posted by Christians.
When the righteous are in the authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn.
Why weren't they posting these when Bush was president?
Do they really think he was righteous?
No one is suggesting Obama is, but I'm puzzled by this. What US administration has been righteous? If the answer is none, which it surely is, then why post this now? Is this motivated by a Biblical-Kingdom worldview or a political one?
If the Constitution is the criteria, then Bush and Obama are morally equivalent.
If it's the Bible, then I don't see how Bush would be any better than Obama. They both have promoted evil, deception, theft and death.
Was Reagan righteous? I guess we can't have that discussion because already Ronald Reagan has been elevated to the realm of mythological hero. The real Reagan administration, its actual record and legacy have been flushed down the memory hole.
I love the Scripture too, and love to see it quoted, but woe to those who use it for political ends. They are in fact profaning God's word. They are no different than the false prophets of old.
Vote for Huckabee and you'll have peace...peace