09 October 2014

The Cost of Being America's Ally: Turkey's Pakistan Problem

Of course Turkey doesn't want to get involved in Syria. For the first time in a generation Ankara has moved toward peace with the Kurds. The last thing they want to do is jump into Syria, aid Kurdish fighters, earn the wrath of Islamists and further destabilize the border. And that's just for a start, there are plenty of other issues at stake.
America wants them to enter the fight. They'll fight if ISIS crosses the border, but to cross on their own is like slitting their own throat.
They may in the end be pressured into it. Washington planners aren't weighing the long-term effects of such a move.
Once again we can thank Washington for this regional mess. Well done. And if they have their way, the region will still be reaping a violent harvest thirty years from now.
The same thing has happened and continues to happen with Pakistan. They want Islamabad to push into the Pashtun Tribal Areas even though such an action would further destabilize their already fragile and frankly fictitious nation.
The nation state is a fragile thing and often doesn't really work. If you have to self-destruct to stay in America's good graces then I'm sure many nations like Turkey and Pakistan are forced to ask... is it worth it?

To their frustration it's like having a gun to their head. They have little choice. Either way the outcome is bad.