18 November 2014

Sacral Orthodoxy

Why are Christian friends forwarding emails and posting on Facebook various messages from Glenn Beck ruminating about life and spirituality? Even worse he expresses gratitude for his daughter's participation in the life of the temple... why is this something worthy of a 'share' or 'like'?

I suppose for the same reason the opinions of Ben Carson are respected. Something is deeply wrong with your Christianity when you are finding common ideological ground with cultists and in the case of Beck... polytheists. There's not a lot of antithesis. I suppose they think that as long as they're being antithetical to the Left then they're being faithful.

Dominionism has redefined Christianity. It always has. It's nothing new. Sacralism can be called Constantinianism, Christendom, Postmillennialism, even Vocation. Regardless of the title or the nuance it's the sanctification of the world. It defines the Kingdom in terms of worldly power and success. Serving God in Sacral/Dominionist framework is often the antithesis of what the New Testament means by salt and light. And yes that affects how we think about society and the political order. We reject its vision and its solutions.

We've reached a point in the American Church that the gospel has been all but equated with political power and agenda. To these folks, whether they own the label of Dominionist or not, Beck has more in common with them than people like me who insist on a rigid adherence to and application of Sola Scriptura.

We have a new/old orthodoxy. To Biblicists it's merely the next chapter in the Great Apostasy. Be thankful, those who are faithful to Scripture will at last be driven from the organized institutional acculturated denominations and perhaps at long last the Remnant can become self aware and begin to function.

Many think we have a Christian country or some kind of quasi-Christian society. The very sentiment demonstrates the utter poverty of their understanding of these matters. We've never had those things and never will. It's impossible. In fact we've had precious little in the way of Biblical Christianity. Perhaps our present day 'fall' into secularism and the present radicalising of the Church will open up new opportunities... or dangers. I am genuinely concerned about the state of mind and heart of some of the people I know. I wonder... just what could they get caught up in? I'm afraid they could easily be led down some dangerous paths. If they're moved by Mormon spirituality it's evident that they've lost their way.

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  1. Excellent,article bro. Im so glad to read theae truths as most of my brothers thiink I'm a deceived liberal for rejecting the theocrats and their methods the host party has put forward as damaging to the Name of Christ and credibility of the church before the world. The toxc brew of slanderous conspiracy theories, resulting in false teachings, beliefs and actions has kept me away from most fellowship, and in great frustration over these developments.

    Keep up the god work brother, it's needed-and encoraging to some of us.