03 November 2014

HSLDA and its Values

This is a good example of why I have never had any interest in HSLDA.

As a homeschooler, I think if I ever ran into any serious trouble I would probably turn to the ACLU. I realize they most likely wouldn't help me, but I have a feeling I could persuade them. I would do it just to irritate the Christian Right. That's probably not the best attitude but I would love to see the religious freedom issue function outside the present political sphere of Dominionism.

I will admit with some reluctance that HSLDA has done a lot of good and helped a lot of people but fundamentally I disagree with their whole underlying theology and certainly their approach to dealing with these issues. The American system is built around the lawsuit and I don't think that's a tool we should utilize. Obviously I was largely kidding about the ACLU. I wouldn't be party to a lawsuit, but I would use a lawyer to get the government off of my back. It's just a case of getting the judiciary to call off their dogs.

I just don't believe if the Dominionists ever truly attained political power that they would continue to promote homeschooling. If they took over and all the Leftists and Lesbians started to homeschool and taught their kids to be atheists and pushed them to become culturally engaged and subversive, I just don't think the 'Christian' political order would tolerate it. They would want to shut down the Alexander Hamilton College that the Left would create, let alone the Karl Marx Academy or the Michael Moore College of Progressivism.

As a non-patriot I can safely say that Michael Moore is as much of a patriot as Patrick Henry ever was.

Public School was born in a Protestant context and it took on a compulsory nature during an era that many Capitalists look to as a golden age. The compulsory nature was promoted by Protestants wishing to maintain the social consensus and to teach citizens but especially immigrants conformity and instill patriotism, nationalism and civil order. The key was to plant these ideas in the minds of young children.

It's always been about social engineering. The Protestant order lost out. They cut their own throats and have now embraced a counter-culture in order to survive. But it is evident they want the power back and if they ever get it, the narrative will once again change. I have no doubts about this. None whatsoever. It's not really a counter-culture, it's a semi-underground political opposition. There's a big difference.

But as far as this sort of thing, it's just sick and completely anti-Christian. Study it carefully.

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