14 November 2014

Scripturalism vs. Systematics

He would probably be distressed to know I'm linking to his post from my website, but I wanted to share this little gem. This is a great little example of resisting the urge to systematize and seek coherence. This is letting the text speak and letting your doctrine be formed by the text. This is the right way to read Scripture. When we try to create systems what we end up with is reductionist frameworks that in some way diminish the fullness of the text and because we reduce its scope, we ultimately distort it.

This doesn't mean anything goes. We must stick with the text. We don't read into it and we don't seek synthesis. Theology is reflective and doxological. We contemplate the profundity of God's glory and the holy and mysterious paths of Zion. His thoughts and ways are truly above ours.