11 July 2015

Trans or De-formed?

Speaking of PBS' Frontline, I strongly recommend that people watch the latest episode entitled 'Growing Up Trans'.
It is profoundly disturbing and not an easy watch. Aside from the medical ethics and other disturbing aspects of what is taking place, the real import (and shocking at that) is in the mindset of the parents, doctors, and peers. The societal shift is happening at a rocket speed and like it or not we must deal with it and pray for wisdom in knowing how to do so.

While we do not lament the fall of cultural Christianity there is a new generation rising that will not even possess some of the most basic moral instincts with which we can communicate and seek common ground. We will literally be starting from zero.
These parents are so utterly lost. I don't know how else to put it. Rather than be parents they pander to the whims and implanted notions of small children and foster self-fulfilling prophecies. They have placed the happiness of their children above everything... everything.
And of course, the end result is anything but. There's one brief appearance of a physiologically altered female to male who admits it did not solve its problems. Even the new body it admits, is not real, it's not genuine. It is a tormented soul and one that will likely self-destruct.
Even the parents who resist are weak and misguided in their resistance. They have failed their children and did so early on.
It's no wonder so many of these lost souls end up suicidal. What judgment on a consumer culture and the narcissism it has produced.
Children are born sinners but in one sense we may rightly speak of their innocence and how it has been lost! Even listening to these kids talk I am confused and disturbed. Why are they talking about these things? Why are they even thinking about them? I did not have a particularly innocent or carefree childhood but I did not speak about these types of things and would have failed to understand the categories. They speak like adults but they are not.
It is unnatural.
It was ironic that the one parent was a bit bothered by the frank discussion of the medical personnel regarding the effects of hormone treatment on her daughter with regard to 'vaginal' sex. It was a bit much for such a young child... but it's not 'too much' for the same girl to decide that it wants to be a man?
Total schizophrenia.