28 July 2015

Racist Killings

I believe I've said this before but it bears repeating.
The Internet is awash with examples of society at large and the mainstream media ignoring the deaths of white people at the hands of minorities and in particular blacks. This lack of coverage and attention is decried as an injustice. Why are the deaths of blacks getting covered disproportionately? Why don't white lives matter it is asked?
I must say I find these sorts of comments surprising but I guess I shouldn't.

Can these folks not understand there is a profound difference in 'criminals' killing whites... that's a crime, perhaps even a racist crime...
But it must be distinguished from police killing black people? They are not supposed to be law-breakers but law-enforcement officers, defenders of the system, keepers of the peace and agents of justice. If they're exercising racist behaviour and abusing power to the level of criminality, then we've got a different situation.
Any death is tragic but there is something especially egregious and problematic when law enforcement officials are abusing power, and given the social history and present state of our society... well, yes indeed there's a story there that ought to be considered.
Is there a lot of emotionalism? Sure. Is there bias? Probably. But I also know if I was black I would probably feel a little different about it.
The comments I see online made by conservatives, Tea Party types and particularly a large number of Christian conservatives demonstrate either their own bitterness or I think in many cases an impoverished grasp of the nature of society, it history and its problems.