23 July 2015

Frauds and Backlash in the UK


Be wary of these types of stories which are promiscuously circulated in Christian circles. The Shoebat's are certainly frauds and when listening to them being interviewed it's very apparent their Christianity certainly ought to be in doubt. If the Mossad isn't paying them, then they're getting a lot of propaganda for free.

That said, the British public should be concerned that the definition of terrorism and civic disruption is being overly-expanded at the expense of free speech and civil liberties. The British government is afraid of 'blood in the streets' and trying to keep a lid on the boiling pot that is British society. Such restrictive moves only feed paranoia and give credence to conspiracy theory. The public has repeatedly been given reason to believe that anything Anti-Muslim is being suppressed. Some of these incidents have been nothing less than appalling.

The conspiracy minded believe this is due to some kind of Pro-Islam or combined Islamist/Secularist agenda... which of course makes little to no sense. Only Glenn Beck disciples are capable of putting such a scenario together, the same people who believe Nazism and homosexuality go together or that somehow ML King was an ally of the Christian Right.

It's not Pro-Islam that motivates the actions of the British government. It's anti-civil disturbance and a fear of anarchy and chaos. But they're going to get it anyway.

'V for Vendetta' was an anti-Bush film set in the UK but the UK is moving closer to such a scenario. All of Europe is edging toward a massive Right-wing backlash. For all the Hegelians out there the Secular European Thesis is about to receive a massive dose of Antithesis backlash.