30 May 2016

The Fallujah Deception


I was watching a clip tonight on a mainstream media website that attempted to provide an explanation as to 'Why Fallujah Matters'.

The reporter went on to explain its strategic location being close to Baghdad, how it's been seat of the Sunni insurgency and has taken on a sort of symbolic nature. Re-taking Fallujah will be an important symbolic victory for the Baghdad regime. The fact that it's in the hands of ISIS is very disturbing to the Shiite community.

I continued to wait for the explanation but it never came.

Fallujah was the site where the Blackwater mercenaries were killed. The US tore the city apart, besieged it and yet failed to take it. They came back later on (Autumn 2004) and massacred it.

Much of the city was destroyed and according to non-US sources around 4000-6000 civilians were killed... maybe more.

Since then the city has been plagued by cancers and birth defects likely due to the American's use of Depleted Uranium (DU) shells which contain low levels of radioactivity.

There have also been persistent rumours of the US using White Phosphorus (hardly controversial) and perhaps even napalm.

It was a revenge attack as has been reported. The Americans shot anything that moved and certainly any male.

Fallujah is a symbol of American imperialism and in particular its brutality. This is why Fallujah is important and why any Sunni insurgency wants the city.

Sadly it should probably be abandoned because of the contamination. And yet, the whole of Iraq is more or less contaminated at this point. This began in 1991 and continued all throughout the 1990s.

Afghanistan, Kosovo and pretty much anywhere the US bombs is subject to this kind of contamination.

Looking into the effects of Depleted Uranium is disheartening and exposes the absolute evil of the US military machine. American soldiers are not just murderers for hire, they're monsters. I realise they are not all cognisant with regard to what the US is doing or the effects of its weapons. It's likely Gulf War Syndrome was the result of DU contamination. The US military (it is suggested with some evidence) learned from this and has taken measures to keep troops away from some of the most contaminated areas.

Regardless, the ignorance of the troops on the ground is hardly an excuse. The information is out there. To my shame I participated in the logistical support for the illegal northern No-Fly Zone during the 1990s. I handled radioactive materials that went to Turkey. I'm not fully certain if DU shells were part of the deal but they may have been.  And while I wore that uniform I too was a monster, part of an evil empire's murder machine.

God delivered me. I repented, got out as fast I possibly could and never looked back.

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