15 May 2016

Netanyahu's Game


What's Benjamin Netanyahu up to? He met with Putin last year over Syria and now over energy? Is this about the post-Assad era? Is Israel securing the lines on the map, buffer zones and energy deals?

Is Netanyahu acquiescing to Russia's role in carving up Syria?

Is Netanyahu there on behalf of US interests? Is he acting as a diplomat for NATO? Even though Israel is not part of NATO it might as well be. It cannot ignore NATO and NATO cannot ignore Israel.

Is this about pacifying the Syria situation, working the Iran (and Hezbollah) angle for the post-Assad era? I can see an Israeli PM functioning in that role.... but not Netanyahu.

Is this being done in defiance of Washington? Is Netanyahu being more open about his Realpolitik and is turning to Russia, the nation with real influence over the situation in Syria? Is this a slap in the face to Obama and his administration?

Is Netanyahu pursuing in independent policy in light of Obama's weak political standing and lack of initiative as his term winds down? Is Netanyahu taking advantage of the current disarray in the US political system?

He knows that if Hillary wins in November she'll back him. She's already beating the war drum.

Trump is more of a wild card and his inauguration could unleash global instability and likely a bit of chaos. Netanyahu isn't going to wait for the dust to settle.

It's probably making Obama livid but Netanyahu no longer cares. He's moved on and demonstrated his savvy. He's playing a dangerous game but that's at the heart of Israel's state of being and mindset.

It's essentially a European colony in the Middle East. It takes chutzpah and Netanyahu, fascist though he is, certainly has it.

But he runs a risk. It could backfire and bring him down. There are other powers in Washington and other influences that transcend America's political parties and the weak presidency of Barack Obama. Meeting with Putin will make some people very uncomfortable.

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  1. I put this link on the Netanyahu tour guide story but it could also be placed here. The deals alluded to in the article might help to explain some of Netanyahu's machinations...