18 May 2016

Lethal Injection and the Pharmaceutical Industry


There's something rather offensive about a company like Pfizer or any pharmaceutical company trying to take the moral high ground.

At the end of the day their goal is to generate profits. They are happy to market drugs that will destroy people's lives. They are eager to manipulate the market, destroy the ability of people to make informed and rational decisions and spin a web of lies about their company and the values it purports to represent. They will lie about side effects, manipulate studies and do not care if people die as a result of taking their products... as long as the truckloads of money keep flowing in.

Pfizer and the many companies like it generate obscene profits charging top dollar for their drugs which are then unattainable to many. And because of these costs, their criminal collaborators, the insurance industry restrict the ability of doctors to properly practice medicine and treat patients. The entire industry is a moral outrage.

And yet once again, both the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are permeated with professing Christians who profit from the suffering of others and turn a blind eye to the patent evils and lies committed by their employers. In many cases they have seared their consciences as to what is occurring, wipe their mouths and say, "I've done nothing wrong."

A company that is little more than profit from pain and death (Usury personified) now in order to perpetuate its narrative, its 'brand', spins a lie that it cares, that it has values and is going to take the moral high ground?

And the corporate media clamours to report it.

This has nothing to do with morality. It's once again about the bottom line. People that support the death penalty will not cease buying their products because they have taken this stand. Those that oppose it will continue to make noise about the industry supplying the US penal system. No corporation wants to appear antagonistic to a segment of the population. They aim to give the perception that their goal is to make everyone happy.

This is pretty much like the Mafia agreeing to not run brothels and gambling dens near schools and yet activists and the media will pretend like this represents some great moral victory.

Our world has gone mad.

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