07 January 2017

A Vision of China's Future Crisis

This is a link to a somewhat heartbreaking 25 minute video about the children in China that are left behind in the villages while their parents go off to the city for work.

The United States has been in the process of destroying the family and thus the foundation of the social fabric for more than fifty years. China has unintentionally embarked on the same project since the 1980s and yet with far greater zeal. In both the United States and China, the quest for money has played no small part in this unintended consequence and China has yet to really reckon with the fruit of this awful and immoral mistake.

In the United States, many have not yet reckoned with the real causes. The Culture War has provided a political cover that has created a fog, obscuring the real nature of the US social breakdown. Politicisation has led to blame and false narratives. The complex truth of the issues surrounding the American social collapse lays blame on both the Right and the Left.

It was a blessing to witness Christians trying to reach out to these kids and do what they can, as limited as the options might be.

I'm curious to know if any of the Churches are taking a stand on this issue and telling Christian parents that this is folly and that it is wrong to break up your family for the sake of money, success or even respectability.

A shift in state policy will help to be sure but even this will not alleviate the greater social pressures China is faced with as a result of their rabid cultural transformation and the embrace of Capitalism.

There's a lot to consider here and I wish I could somehow help those kids. Someone with financial resources should consider giving money and for those willing, they can always use more English teachers in China. Foreign language skills are a means of income. If I had the means I would happily go over and help, and learn Mandarin in the process. I would rather labour for the Kingdom in that capacity than working to build profits for a US company and the dream of buying a plastic house. Their poverty doesn't bother me. I've lived it and been around it and frankly I feel more at home in those settings than I do spending time with wealthy Middle Class Evangelicals in the United States.

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