26 January 2017

Revertere ad Tenebras: The Black Sites are Reborn

I have never been remotely convinced that all of these sites are actually closed. Considering that Obama and various figures within his administration have been caught repeatedly telling absolute lies and did all they could to hide and obfuscate regarding their various illegal programmes... why should we believe that these practices weren't reinstated?

The fraudulent Peace Prize winner also initiated a new phase in drone warfare and targeted assassinations. Someone who had no moral (let alone Constitutional) scruples about a 'Kill List' certainly can't pretend to care about Black Sites and torture.
The administration that crushed journalism, whistleblowing and finished the process of demolishing the Bill of Rights is now going to tell us that 'cruel and unusual punishment' is something they're concerned about upholding?
Why? They didn't care about free speech, the right to assemble, petitioning the state, freedom of the press, protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, probable cause, due process or habeas corpus. And that's just for starters.
The CIA is notorious for hiding programmes from the US Congress and in some cases even the president. The fact that these programmes can be 'openly' reinstated only means the black funds generated through the market and even the black market can be used for other things. 'Openly' in no way implies the public will be privy to this information but it might mean the administration allows a congressional committee to know something about it.
In addition the notion that the US started torturing after 9/11 is also pure myth. The US has a long history of torture, murder and assassination that goes back at least to the Phoenix Program in Vietnam if not before.
Rape, theft and murder in the name of the US government (and computerised at that as it was under Phoenix) is nothing new. The Establishment Corporate Media and the official proclamations and narratives of the United States government continue to churn out an endless stream of disinformation. The real history of the United States has been flushed down the memory hole.
Orwell's 1984 is experiencing a resurgence in sales. While certainly applicable to Trump and his crew of deceivers, the Orwellian nightmare began long ago. People have been asleep or have been more than willing to be deceived.

The apostate American Church supports the lies as well as the violence and of course the Left is equally deceived by phonies such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who make a lot of noise and pretend to stand for something and then pledge to work with Trump and even vote for war criminals such as James 'Mad Dog' Mattis and John Kelly.

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