29 January 2017

Re-Alignments Underway: The Brexit and Trump Effect

Theresa May after visiting Donald Trump and solidifying 'The Special Relationship' has flown to Turkey to meet with president Erdogan. They immediately cut a £100 million deal for fighter jet development.

May lectured Erdogan on human rights and he endured the insult knowing full-well this was for the Western audience. It was obviously not meant to be taken seriously. This is what is so laughable about Western diplomacy.
This deal serves multiple purposes. It helps the UK to remain a player post-Brexit. London's means of European influence will be largely through strengthening its role within NATO. Turkey perfectly fits the bill as a non-EU but NATO member.
The UK can serve as something of an American proxy in this regard as US relations with Ankara are a little touchy at present.
It also will re-establish Western-Turkish military ties which have been decimated by Erdogan, especially after the July 2016 failed coup. Erdogan will certainly watch this aspect closely.
Look for the UK to cement ties with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and perhaps even Albania. With the exception of Switzerland these are all European nations that are part of NATO but not in the EU.
Germany in light of Brexit and now Trump continues to assert its military role and 'leadership' by expanding operations. This exercise in Mali is just the start. Germany post-Brexit and now in light of Trump's ambiguity regarding NATO has an increased standing within Europe.
Not surprisingly many within the German Left are exposed as pseudo-Left pro-militarists in their support of this expansion.
As many are pointing out the post-World War II Western order is in danger of collapse.
Trump seeks to increase American power through consolidation and yet he will find (if he's allowed to succeed) that the United States will come out weaker in the end. If Trump is permitted to continue historians will look back and mark his presidency as the beginning of the end of the 'American Century'. The unipolar world that emerged in 1991 may be coming to an end... unless the Deep State moves quickly.
Why aren't they moving? Why have they allowed this to continue?

This is still unclear. But increasingly it's looking like there are sharp divisions within the Deep State, even something of a civil war. We are entering a very uncertain time. An international incident or stock-market crash could start a chain-reaction, one that would forever change the nature of the societies in which we live.


  1. I don't know if I'd call the pro-EU in Germany pseudo-Left, but certainly not properly Left viz. critiques of empire and domination. Carl Schmitt's critique of Liberalism reveals the operating functions of possible market-states like German-led EU, supranational, corporate dominated, near-states. If Germany doesn't back up the EU with violence, then the fear is that Europe will be ripped open by internal feuds, which will allow powers like the US, Russia, and China to begin to gain control. This is the Balkans effect, something Tito and the dream of Yugoslavia tried so hard to overcome. Whatever the "Western European" lifestyle is, Germany is trying to back it, against becoming proxies. This is the only way this kind of liberalized state can survive.

    The dream of Europe, after the Reformation and the collapse of Roman hegemony (not just the Church, but the fall of an idea of Rome), the nascent Enlightenment was the same vision reformed among continental powers. I can completely understand why they do this, even if it is indeed evil.

    I hope Trump succeeds in tearing apart of the American dominion.

  2. Tear apart... that would be okay. But not if it leads to worldwide conflagration... or even domestic. You think the American Church is ugly now, I cannot even imagine how Christians would behave if civil violence started up again.

    1. I'm not sure if it would be world-wide conflagration, depending on whether the market-state thesis is true. It's quite possible that if the US declines and its imperial power weakens, supranational corporations might pack their bags. I don't know.

      I know what you're saying, but how much longer can the death-machine roll on? It's the kind of question of whether one ought to accept the organized, institutional, and controlled orchestration of Human degradation, or whether chancing anarchy is better. It reminds me of the Joker's speech in Nolan's Batman: if we hear about tragedy that fits within our ordered notions, then we can bear it; when it defies our calculations and explanation we lose our minds. The former operating system at least allows for controlled suffering and oppression. Some say that better than playing a game of dice with social deconstruction.

      I don't know how Christians will behave, but it will certainly reveal the viciousness of men's hearts. Homo lupus homini.