16 January 2017

Christopher Steele, the US Deep State, the UNSG and Bulgaria


Anyone following international news in the latter half of 2016 would have known something about the disturbance with regard to the selection of a new UN General Secretary. At the time Bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva was in the running and yet it was a candidacy born in controversy as Sophia had switched gears and disavowed a former candidate due to perceived controversies.

The former candidate Irina Bokova had even received attention from US Evangelicals. Her former membership in the Communist Party of Bulgaria made her the subject of red-baiting on a few Christian programmes. This was of course woven in with US Right-wing and Evangelical hostility to the United Nations and the many conspiracies they have regarding it.

The Bulgarian government turned against Bokova and embraced Georgieva but that didn't end the controversy.

Georgieva was the new 'official' candidate and yet it was clear her candidacy was also opposed by elements within the United States. And oddly, Georgieva was also strongly opposed by Russia's Vladimir Putin who got into something of a tiff with Angela Merkel over the issue. Georgieva had been part of the European Commission, the very body implementing sanctions against Moscow.

Elements within the US opposed her but so did Putin? And then reports came out which connected her to a very corrupt Bulgarian corporation with ties to organised crime. Some of these reports have now been retracted and others have completely disappeared.

Obviously she didn't get the job and with the ascension of Antonio Guterres as UN Secretary-General the story had all but faded away. But now it turns out that Christopher Steele, the source of the controversial Trump Dossier was also being paid by American interests to investigate Georgieva.

The rumour is that it was the Bush family that got the ball rolling on this back during the GOP primaries. But this further bit of data with regard to the UN and Bulgaria may point to some larger forces within the American Deep State.

What does this mean? At the very least it points to who is trying to take Trump down. And if they can't remove him, it's clear they wish to render him impotent and force him into compliance.

It's also clear that Deep State elements within the CIA and Pentagon have been utilising Bulgaria as a staging ground and conduit for Middle Eastern and in particular Syrian operations. Bulgaria's location and border with Turkey make it the prime gateway for such a NATO-run operation. While Bulgaria is presently split (if I may generalise) between pro-West and pro-Moscow factions it's clear the US backed elements did not want to see Georgieva ascend to the head of the UN.  

This story is far from over. So far all we really have is a glimpse behind the curtain. From Manhattan to Washington, Bulgaria to Moscow and even Brussels and Damascus, schemes are being hatched and plots are being carried out. We may never know the whole story.

We have to glean what we can, when we can.

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  1. I recall seeing online footage of the Syrian Arab Army documenting a cache of weapons they seized in a warehouse formerly held by rebels, and one of the stickers on the crates indicated Bulgaria as a point of origin. It was also in English. This corroborates your claim regarding Bulgaria as a staging ground for NATO-led operations in Syria.