12 September 2015

Climate, Crisis and Collapse

This video is a helpful tool. It's brief, (20 mins) and aptly explains some of the salient issues surrounding climate change. Many scoff at the notion that a degree or two of temperature shift would really affect our lives. And then of course every winter there are those who point to the cold and snow and mock the very suggestion that the earth is warming. This video explains and dispels some of these misunderstandings.

It does not address the cause and as far as I am concerned that is a matter still open for debate. Regardless of whether or not this phenomenon is a result of industrialisation or merely reflects long term cyclical weather patterns, there is a growing danger resulting from pollution and industrial culture's exploitation of resources. Its consequences are certainly injurious if not overtly destructive.

The solutions are in the end detrimental to civilisation as it presently exists. But the alternative is civilisational suicide. There are no good options. By suicide I am not speaking of rising sea levels but the collapse resulting from industrialised economics, resource availability, pollution, disease etc...

Of course many will insist on the fraudulent nature of all these claims and believe the move toward regulation is simply a power-grab on an unprecedented scale. While it cannot be doubted there is a move toward the centralisation of power, at the same time there world is becoming ever 'bigger', chaotic and difficult to control. Climate will only exacerbate already existing problems and deep ones at that. The solutions will increasingly result in violence, state or otherwise.

These are complicated issues and questions but until people can at least understand the basics of what is happening, there can be little hope for intelligent discussion. I don't believe there's a good solution if one at all. But I do believe we are as Christians to bear witness to the truth and to live in light of that. We of all people need to understand the world in which we live. This will shape our witness, ethics and certainly affect how we as The Church posture ourselves in the world and interact with it in terms of evangelism and apologetics.

Here's the link. I recommend Journeyman Pictures. There are a lot of good and often brief documentaries that are available for free. It's one of many resources I utilize and is but one piece in a larger mosaic that exposes the fraudulent nature of what is call the mainstream media which is in reality little more than a mouthpiece for the Establishment.