27 September 2015

Jade Helm: Dissenting Commonality and the Response to Coming Unrest


This sort of article is interesting to me because it shows the surface-layer overlap on the parts of the Far Right and Far Left. Both are concerned with the growing power of the federal government, but both have entirely different interpretations of why it's happening, where it's going and who's behind it all.

While I don't believe in being alarmist, Jade Helm along with a growing corpus of circumstantial evidence suggests the government is concerned about internal unrest. Obama broke faith with the Left and has continued virtually all of the Bush policies and in many cases expanded them. The move toward an authoritarian/police state has not been abated.

The so-called reforms are a sleight-of-hand, a smoke screen. Just as the Patriot Act was written before 9/11, the subsequent cyber version and expansion of the Patriot Act awaits the proper moment.

Unrest is coming and there will be numerous forces at work contributing to its rise and seeking to foment it. Survivalist militias, the working class and other groups will certainly rise up and there will be conflicts. But in the midst of the crackdown government provocateurs will work to subvert these movements and do all they can to turn them against one another. It won't be hard to do.

As Christians we need to keep our heads clear, our hearts right and step back. This is not to say that we are to keep silent. We need to understand the issues and tell the truth even if it means standing against and offending all parties involved. The hardest front will be within the Church.

The confusion will be compounded by the fact that money-minded pastors will seek to avoid controversy. They will be denounced as being weak and unwilling, and this will place other congregants in awkward situations.

The pastor is wrong to be silent, but wise to not get involved. And yet his motives for doing so are probably more political... in terms of keeping and maintaining control of the congregation. We may find situations that call for standing against the radical factions and to some degree 'not' standing with the pastor at the same time.

Wisdom and nuance are required... attributes and abilities almost non-existent in our culture.

Confusion will reign. I continue to hope and pray that those who are beginning to understand these issues will 'come out' and find other remnant communities and congregations. I find that very few people at this point even understand what 'church' is, what we're doing on Sunday morning and how to work through the Scriptures on these matters. It's as if the Word of God has already been taken away.

Yet, I know there are many who are disturbed and concerned. They might listen...but how to reach them?