09 September 2015

The Fall of the US Backed Dictator in Guatemala

I don't think the US mainstream media has been giving it much attention but there are tremendous events afoot in Guatemala, events directly related to the CIA sponsored overthrow of Arbenz in 1954. The US allied oligarchy which has ruled since that time is beginning to crack. Indeed the president who just resigned headed a US-backed and CIA trained death squad in the 1980's.

He has been arrested for corruption but there's a real possibility other charges are pending. It's a stunning reversal and a populist repudiation of over six decades of US policy in their country, a policy that has led to the death of over a hundred thousand people.
Allan Nairn usually known for his reporting on Indonesia and East Timor has also reported on Guatemala for many years and his dispatches have been helpful in deciphering and contextualizing the events.