15 September 2015

Preaching Blood and Violence- A Heritage Denying the Authority of Scripture

I was terribly disappointed to see this in my inbox. This is the 'Christian' academy we get our standardized tests from... the tests we have to administer at certain grade levels as per the laws of our state. I guess that's what you have to expect from an outfit selling the likes of Gary North, Gary DeMar and the regular crew of Dominionist Judaizers.

The Lesser Magistrate Heresy is on the rise. Trewhella is preaching blood and violence. He would of course deny this, but that's where it ends.
How many will be led astray by this? How many will destroy their lives and the lives of others because of this?
He'll continue to spew forth this bile but he'll answer for it and for the myriad souls he leads astray.

This is the Reformed heritage at its worst. This is a denial of Apostolic authority and doctrine. This is man-made philosophy and speculation, a departure from Scripture.