21 September 2015

Mohler: The Lesser Magistrate and the Heretic Nation


Mohler whether meaning to or not strikes at the core of the issue. The notion of the Lesser Magistrate is about violence and revolution. He correctly notes that without this doctrine there would have been no American Revolution.

Even that is misleading. While there were perhaps some who conscientiously employed the doctrine to justify their actions, the bulk of those embracing the idea of revolting against Britain were far more rooted in Enlightenment ideals than a speculative doctrine flowing from Calvinistic theology.

The 1776 Rebellion is the unrecognized albatross of American Evangelicalism. Their narrative assumes and celebrates the validity of the revolution. They have pegged their Christian identity to the nation and a nation born in blood and violence.

If America was some kind of Christian nation, though the very notion is spurious and anti-Biblical, then it must be identified as a Heretic Nation. From the outset it has been a nation which confuses God's Kingdom with civil government and thus violence.

Mohler's words and all those who are promoting this doctrine are in the end promoting violence. That's where this road ends. Right now it's just a defiant clerk, but soon it will be someone else in a similar position surrounded by militia men with guns. Christo-Americanism is heresy. It's a form of Sacralism, a confusion of culture and God's Kingdom. It necessitates violence, for the government is in the end nothing more than the sword.

While necessary and purposeful, the world's government is contrasted with the New Testament Church. It is false prophets who confuse the two and seduce the Church into idolatry and the worship of power and money.

Until the American Revolution is cast down and denounced as a heresy the American Church has no hope of escaping this net.

This does not mean we have undo the present civil order and swear allegiance to Britain. We cannot change the past but we must abandon the theology which covenantalizes it and turns the covetous bloodbath into an act of devotion.

It was a sinful act and one that divided the Church of that era. The history of the Loyalists, both those who fought for Britain and those who stayed loyal by staying out of the fighting, has been revised, erased and all but ignored. There were many powerful voices speaking out against what was happening.

We need to hear those voices once more. And we need to ignore the voices of blood, heretics like Mohler, Trewhella and for that matter... the whole of the Christian Right.

The 2016 Republican candidates are a frightening lot but what is more terrifying is the thought that so-called Christians would consider supporting any of them.

God help us.

And by us I mean the Church. That statement alone is enough to generate confusion. How many Christians when uttering such a phrase cannot divorce the Church from American Society?