21 October 2016

Homeschooling Extremes


As negative as this piece might seem to be, it's actually fairly upbeat regarding the Unschooled. I've seen some real disasters result from this method.

There are also many homeschoolers while not necessarily embracing the Unschooled method, they are nevertheless serious negligent in the education of their children and setting them up to fail.

As I've said before I don't care if my sons grow up to be garbage men if they are Christians. Truly, that is all that matters.

I wish for them to be happy and I say that in the context of Christian suffering and our calling as pilgrims in this world. I would like for them to wake up in the morning and be eager to go out and do a job that they enjoy. I say this while completely rejecting the various strains of Vocational and Dominionist theology. That's not at all what I'm thinking of.

But an education can be enriching and it can help (if understood properly) us to understand our context and live wisely within it. I've known some homeschooled kids that are so ignorant of the world around them they can barely function in it or even hold a conversation for that matter.

I'm not talking about Pop Culture and familiarity with the latest music and shows. I'm talking about history, culture and ideas.

Some of these kids end up angry and turn away from the faith in great bitterness. Racked by guilt they pursue life with something akin to nihilistic abandon. In many cases the bitterness is fueled by a sense of being robbed or shortchanged in terms of life preparation. To be honest they have a point.

We have the Unschooled and then we have the other extreme of Bourgeois and sometimes even Elitist Christianity that pushes classical education and what could be called the Ivy League trajectory. So much of the latter is consumed by either Dominionist theology, worldly Middle Class values or some combination of both.

There is another way but it requires not only moderation but I think some Biblically informed wisdom about our place in the world. Educate your children but for the right motive and with the proper goals in mind. The world and for that matter the Elitist minded homeschoolers won't understand you, but don't let it ruin your day.

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