30 October 2016

The Citibank Revelation

For all the coverage the Clinton email leaks are receiving 'the' story is not getting that much attention.

The real revelation came with the Citibank emails. This wasn't even so much about the corruptions of the Clintons as it was the compromised nature of the system itself.

The fact that someone associated with Citibank is emailing lists of suggested cabinet officers to the incoming Obama administration is itself telling. One must ask why highly connected figures in American finance feel the need or would even dare to do such a thing?

But then the fact that virtually all the selections ended up in the Obama cabinet demonstrates that his 'Hope and Change' was all a fraud. Obama was bought and paid for indeed owned by Wall Street. These lists all but prove it. So does his Wall Street friendly health insurance reform. Sure, there are multiple options offered for some cabinet posts but in almost every case one of the options was selected.

While Wall Street doesn't normally micromanage political affairs, this indicates something as to what might be called management style. Suggestions are made. Options are floated. The Hillary Clinton speeches reveal a lot in this regard. There's reciprocity but it's clear who the real master is.

For years conspiracists have pointed to the bankers as wielding all the power in society. The investigatory trails always seem to lead back to those who hold the reins of the money and then affairs are managed by powerful agents who act as liaisons, who float between the worlds of government, finance, military and industry/technology. These are the masters of the world it would seem.

Conspiracists often fail in their assessments and lose credibility by ascribing too much direct power to these figures that sit on top of the pyramid. We're often led to believe that they call all the shots. Everything, every noteworthy event and story in the news is somehow manufactured. Obviously that view is unrealistic and goes too far in ascribing monopolistic power.

While this is ridiculed and dismissed by many these emails and leaks indicate there's more truth to that notion than many would have acknowledged.

Yet, the conspiracists often fail to realise there are real factions, internal squabbles and battles and (within the consensus) ideological struggles. Other figures who gain wealth can force a seat at the table and/or disrupt. One thinks of the Koch brothers. The Power Elite as Mills identified them are not a monolith and it would be a mistake to think in those terms. While the news is certainly manipulated this does not mean that events such as the Sandy Hook shooting were fictitious and that actors were employed. Such a view can only be described as infantile.

If I might expand on some of the Biblical imagery, the Beast is portrayed as a multi-headed hydra, a monstrosity known well to the Hellenistic world. The heads of the hydra are 'kings' or powers. The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation come in a succession, destroying and replacing one another but the 'Beast' as it were keeps coming back. In Revelation the Beast is revealed as in reality a single entity and this is depicted by the multi-form beast in chapter 13. The heads are therefore symbolic of this succession of powers working both in concert and often against each other.

While venturing beyond the text is it too much to suggest this paradigm is repeated on the micro-level? While Revelation may take in something of the big picture in providing a spiritual lesson for the nature of power in This Age and its course, we might suggest that this reveals something as to the very nature of power itself. Might not each hydra head, each crown be viewed as a Hydra-Beast in itself? Might not each Beast suggest a series of new smaller heads, so to speak? Each Beast is made up of what we might call sub-beasts.

The hydra is made up of smaller and smaller hydras. This imagery is also portrayed in the concept of circles or degrees of power and CS Lewis' concept of inner rings.

This is how power works. Is it a conspiratorial? Undoubtedly, and these revelations give a great deal of credence to previous conspiracy theories about the power of the bankers. And yet I continue to insist the wielded power is not monolithic and the conspiracy is basically open. There are certainly aspects to it that are very secretive and hide malicious agendas but for the most part it's in the open if anyone cares to look and understand.

There will be more to consider as the emails are filtered by actual journalists. As Obama's presidency ends some will begin to talk and more will come out. The Right-wing will rejoice and make as much hay as they can out of all this but if anything it reveals that the Democratic-Republican divide is largely a false one.

The Right-wing street will believe they now understand the evil machinations of the Democratic Party and its operatives. But there is nothing happening here that is not equally true of the Republican side of the spectrum. This window isn't limited to the Democratic machine but the system itself.

Following is a link to the emails themselves in Wikileaks, but I have also pasted in the attachment that provides the list in case anyone doesn't want to visit the site.

Of course a final note is the irony in the deliberate and false 'diversity' displayed by the final tally. Nixon himself and Reagan Interior Secretary James Watt were lambasted over their crass listing off of minorities in their administrations and yet this list shows the thinking isn't all that different on the other side of the aisle.

Ironically George W. Bush had a very diverse cabinet but this is not a demonstration of GOP cosmopolitanism or largesse. It was pure optics and a political move as the GOP is desperate to promote every minority possible into government and media. Their future depends on it.

From the attachment email id 8190:

Cabinet Example


Position                                             Candidate Examples                                     Diversity             Example

                                                                                                                                    Probability         of Choice


WH COS                             Daschle/Emanuel

WH Counsel                       Kagen/Holder                                                                 1             Holder


NSC                                     Jones/Steinberg

State                                    Kerry/Dodd

Defense                               Gates/Reed

DHS                                     Napolitano/Bacerra                                                       1             Napolitano

DNI                                      Steinberg/Blair

CIA                                      Blair/Steinberg

USUN                                  Rice                                                                                  1             Rice

Justice                                 K. Salazar/Holder                                                             1             Salazar


NEC                                     Tarullo/Schlosstein/Sperling

Treasury                                            Rubin/Geithner/Summers

OMB                                    Orszag/Spratt/Pryce/Sperling

CEA                                     Goolsbee/Henry/Collins/Farrell                                   .5           

Commerce                          Pritzker/Mulcahey/Parsons/Williams                            1             Pritzker

USTR                                   Tysons/Parsons                                                              1             Tysons

Labor                                   Sebelius/Gephardt/Cisneros                                          .5            Sebelius

USDA                                  Clyburn/Nelson/Schwietzer/J. Salazar                         .5           

SBA                                     Hightower/Fong/Nesbitt                                                1             Fong

Performance                       Farrell/Gupta                                                                   1             Farrell


Energy   Council                Steyer/Inslee

Energy                                 Rogers/Bryson/Harris                                                    .5

EPA                                     Adams/Nichols                                                               1             Adams

Interior                                Browner/Richardson/J. Salazar                                       1             Richardson


DPC                                     Barnes/Jarrett                                                                 1             Barnes

Transportation                   Kirk/Sims/Ford                                                                1             Kirk

HUD                                    N. Rice/Sims/Cisneros/Booker/Jarrett                          1             N. Rice

Education                           Powell/Simmons/Reich/Duncan                                    .5            Powell

HHS                                     Gayle/Sebelius/Dean                                                    .5            Gayle

VA                                       Duckworth/Shinseki                                                      1             Duckworth

Urban Affairs                     Jarrett/Canada                                                                 1             Jarrett



Total                                                                31

Non-Hispanic White Men                              13

Women                                                           11

African American                                            8

Latino                                                               2

Asian American                                               2

Native American                                             0

Disabled                                                           1

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