07 October 2016

A Note on the Constitution Party's Nativism

The anti-globalist and Nativist forces in the United States continue to fail in their understanding of how US power works. Just recently I perused a Constitution Party pamphlet left on a retail counter by a disgruntled Christian-Right Cruz supporter who refuses to back Trump.

In the 1990s it was known as the US Taxpayers Party. I remember it well as I examined it in earnest in the period just after my conversion. Founded by the now deceased Howard Phillips, the party (which has Theonomist and Reconstructionist roots) advocates a Nativist position with regard to foreign policy and economics. The goal is hardly related to anti-belligerence or some kind of rejection of militarism. In fact they want a 'state of the art' military but propose to somehow pay for it in the process of alienating international resource markets, reducing trade via tariff and eliminating virtually all taxes. They are truly delusional (as is their understanding of the Constitution) and yet such a position is not too far off from that advocated by figures like Jim DeMint of the Heritage Foundation and a host of other Christian-Right affiliated think tanks and political movements.

Nevertheless, the Constitution Party's main fear is a loss of National Sovereignty and like the Birchers (JBS) of old this means a full-frontal assault on the United Nations and all such internationalist organisations. While I hardly wish to defend the UN, multi-lateral organisations or globalism, it must be said that Washington's relationship with these institutions are in its own interest. These relationships do not subjugate US power. In many cases the reverse is true. They are tools in the arsenal of US imperialism, a means to manipulate, provide cover and move money.

The Nativist arguments of the Constitution Party provide a cure for a disease they have misdiagnosed and do not understand. They would treat gangrene with a healthy dose of Bubonic Plague.

Finally I would also note I found the pamphlet deceptive. They are not showing their hand and what they're truly about. They obfuscate their Dominionist assumptions and goals and while touting the Constitution they fail to announce that they would immediately seek to modify it and effectively eliminate its historical usage, interpretation and precedent. So much for Originalism. They are actually rabidly Anti-Constitutional and instead seek to Re-Constitute the United States in a new image. Many would consider the patriotic claims to but somewhat dubious. In many ways they hate America and cling to romanticised, redacted and even racist version of it.

Leaving aside their unbiblical and heretical assumptions, revisionist understandings of history and judicial precedent they are on a basic level dishonest and deceitful players. They seek support through sentimentality and straw-man arguments all the while hiding what they really are. How many are wooed by the propaganda not realising they are in fact supporting a theocratic re-casting of the Constitution? Undoubtedly they've softened their rhetoric in this regard, but that's the genesis of the movement and the institutional party.

It is therefore appropriate to also be reminded of Howard Phillips son, Doug Phillips who ran the now defunct Vision Forum and recently went down in scandal. But long before his fall I noticed the same kind of fraudulent presentation in their materials. They appealed to tradition, romanticism and sentimentality all the while hiding the Dominionist and pro-Confederate ideology. They pulled people in without revealing the Postmillennial and Theonomic agenda. It was slick and yet wholly dishonest. Amazingly I've seen it time and again, their ethics play out not just in their ministry and politicking but in their larger lives.



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