18 October 2016

The Intercept's Clinton Email Coverage

The Intercept has been doing a tremendous job reporting on the Clinton email leaks. I've provided numerous links here. Right now they're easy to locate on the site but in another week or two it will take a lot of scrolling or searching to locate them. This list is for those who want to look into this issue at a later date... assuming the links stay active.

At another time it would be a much bigger story but the mainstream is still obsessed with the Trump scandals. I know the Right-wing media is certainly focusing on them but I find a lot of their coverage to be less than helpful and often harmful. They have their own axes to grind and telling the truth doesn't translate into votes or money.

And they can whine and moan all they want but the truth is they're pro-finance too and the unspoken truth is that when it comes to Wall Street and the Pentagon... Hillary is Right-wing.

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