01 October 2016

Mainstream Media's Anti-Russian Campaign


This piece ran about a month ago on NPR and yet it is but one example among many. The US Establishment is seeking to reconstitute the Cold War and while China is one villain, the chief antagonist is Russia under Vladimir Putin.

The lies grow wearisome. Putin is hardly a virtuous character but US accusations are disingenuous, rooted in arrogance and extremely hypocritical.

The fact that the Mainstream media has embraced conspiracy theories regarding Russia tells us a great deal about their role.

In no way am I suggesting there aren't conspiracies and dastardly deeds. There certainly are and I don't doubt that Putin has gone after both journalists and political enemies. So did the Soviets. Has he armed rebels in Ukraine? Does anyone doubt it?

But the fact that the media won't even touch similar stories related to:

Investigative journalists in the US,

The mysterious deaths of political dissidents,

US complicity in the murder of civilians,

The weaponising of conflicts,

and US backed computer hacking in the forms of espionage and cybercrime, demonstrates that the media is a paid servant of the Establishment. The media would never dream of such theorising, inference and supposition when it comes to suspicious deaths and suicides that would somehow cast a shadow of doubt about the integrity of the US government.

The brief period of courageous 'mainstream' journalism in the 1970s seems like a distant dream. And even the episodes that come to mind, upon further examination are not as penetrating or illuminating as they might have been.

The US media accepts the official story when it comes to the suspicious deaths of those who dared to challenge Washington's power. So while there are certainly warranted suspicions when it comes to the death of Russian dissidents I would like to hear NPR or some other respected US media outlet engage in similar suggestive ruminations regarding figures like:

Gary Webb

Daniel Casolaro

Michael Hastings

Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Hunt

Frank Olson

John Longstaff (part of the IRA-Libya story)

Karen Silkwood

Pat Tillman

Shane Todd

James Hatfield

David Kelly (hid death did receive considerable attention in the UK)

Deborah Palfrey and others associated with her

Vincent Foster

I compiled this list off the top of my head. If I wanted to spend more time on the list it would quickly multiply. Their deaths or suicides are suspicious and in each case there are ties to powerful institutions of the US Establishment and to suspicious elements found within the political, corporate and military sectors. In every case these figures represented a threat to the Establishment's power and narrative and they consequently turned up dead. Some of the stories are pretty unbelievable.

And yet, the media won't seriously pursue these stories. Sometimes they'll almost half-heartedly investigate a story, especially if there's a suggestion of foreign involvement, like the case of Shane Todd in Singapore. But the official verdict is given and the media moves on.

Conspiracies happen in other countries but there are no such plots or dark deeds in the United States. Only Nixon was guilty of such machinations. Was Watergate the rare case of the media doing its job? Hardly. The public still doesn't know the half of it.

This story exposes the NPR reporter as an Establishment shill and while the media will run a story like this, complete with official US government urging and sourcing... they have unwittingly revealed their true nature.

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